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Enabling the intersection of art and technology


We assist digital art productions by providing crucial knowledge for artists, researchers, historians, curators, archivists, collectors, institutions and other field experts. We do this by extending our services in every step of any developing artistic process, this includes both physical and digital services.

Research & Development

By researching and identifying potential art projects, we further support in developing and designing the art ‘commission’. We help identify stakeholders and bring experts together to initiate artistic exploration. Here we work closely with the invited team of artists, technologists, field experts, researchers and technicians by fostering a conducive environment to build and nurture artistic relationships.


We plan and build an inventory of required resources to facilitate the process of acquiring source materials and map out the project’s design. Identifying infrastructural needs and developing other required interfaces for the exploratory engagement of the artistic production.


Our processes more often include physical and digital activations as exhibitions and events mobilizing and tapping into our wide network of expertise in specific event requirements. Our expertise rests with planning, design, coordination, operations, social engagements and dissemination with focus on knowledge production within the exhibitions. And additionally through conferences, symposiums and project specific interactions.


    We believe in developing innovative archival methods. By collecting, collating, categorizing and classifying both physical and digitally sourced materials, digital art and physical art objects. From ideation to manifestation, we underscore the importance of recording discourses around an emerging project.  


    Actively documenting every step of the project process we compile the layered discourses that any given artistic process generates. We do this by using different devices for different requirements. Some of these devices are text, image, sound, moving images, as digital and physical registers.


    Our approach places emphasis on tracing and authenticating the provenance of the digital art works. We do this by validating the documentation, shared decision making, significant relationships and mutual agreements. These together make up the networks within an exploratory engagement. Portkey takes this on as a design challenge, taking into account the evolving faculty of the stakeholders, the given jurisdictions and relationships.

    Art Production Consultation

    With our extensive and extended approach to our projects, we have developed a complex knowledge system, particularly in the case of art with technological facets. We extend this knowledge as a service. We see every opportunity as one that can facilitate learning and reflection.



    Metapurse is a cultural entity focusing on enabling free exchange of ideas and practices among artists from diverse regions and backgrounds. It functions as an incubator for cutting-edge practices for artists to push boundaries and experiment in myriad ways. The aim is to encourage artists to chart new territories by experimenting not only in terms of forms and content but also by deploying emerging technologies. We draw from the hybrid nature of our life where every new technology is assimilated into our day-to-day practice.


    Everydays: The First 5000 Days

    Everydays: the First 5000 Days is a digital artwork created by Beeple, a collage of 5000 digital images created for the Everydays series. It consisted of creating and posting a new work of art every day, and these images are the result of 13 years (2007-2020) of this effort. The images comprise digital satire featuring political commentary, science-fiction fantasies, abstract images, cartoons and illustrations. The varied themes and visual motifs coalesce into a staggering mosaic that serves as an indicator of pop culture of those times. This was the first time the NFT of a purely digital work of art was offered by a major auction house.


    Your View Matter

    Your View Matter is a new participatory artwork using virtual reality created by one of the world’s most acclaimed artists, Olafur Eliasson. The work, which is minted as an NFT, invites viewers on a journey through a series of forms known as the Platonic Solids which have had special significance in philosophy, religion, science, and alchemy over the millennia.

    “Your view matter enlists not only vision but also the movement of your heads and bodies to create the work – your animated body–brains. It invites you to listen and speak with your eyes.” Olafur Eliasson

    The works of artist Olafur Eliasson explore the relevance of art in the world at large. Born in 1967, Eliasson grew up in Iceland and Denmark, where he studied from 1989 to 1995 at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 1995, he moved to Berlin and founded Studio Olafur Eliasson, which today comprises a large team of craftsmen, architects, archivists, researchers, administrators, cooks, programmers, art historians, and specialised technicians.


    Twobadour & Veritas Kami

    Twobadour and Veritas Kami are online boutiques featuring Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) encompassing digital art, collectibles and profile pictures (PFPs) from various creators. At Twobadour and Veritas Kami there is more than just an assortment of NFTs, here one is invited to delve into the provenance of each piece, tracing its unique journey from the creator to our boutique. This exploration not only enhances the value and understanding of each digital asset but also amplifies the dialogue and experience of digital ownership.




    Dreamverse was produced by Metakovan, as a physical event in 2021 at Terminal 5, New York. The event featured over 150 artists, curated by seasoned NFT artists. The event was held to help audiences experience NFTs first-hand and get a better understanding of them. The event featured a daytime Dreamverse Gallery, curated by artists and presented in partnership with TIME, and an evening Dreamverse Party, headlined by DJ and producer Alesso, and opened by RAC and PLS&TY. The event was seen as a merging of digital and physical realms, with VR booths, AR experiences, physical and digital merchandise, and a virtual space for art and performances. Dreamverse was an exploration of bringing NFTs into the physical world, and a way to showcase artwork for the public to be able to access it.


    Anbenum Peruveli

    “Anbenum Peruveli” (The grand expanse called love) is an artistic response to the constant shrinking of spaces for love. The idea of universalism, love and resolve to fight hate are embedded in the works of the 19th century Tamil saint poet Ramalinga Adigal, popularly known as Vallalar. “Anbenum Peruveli '' draws six songs from his prolific writings. Singer Sanjay Subramanyan has sung these six songs in six different musical genres to the orchestration of the composer Sean Roldan. ‘Anbenum Peruveli'' is a musical journey to have Vallalar as our shield and sword in humanity’s war for dignity."


    Onemai Foundation is a Singapore based non-profit that works to facilitate collaborative art and technology projects. It mediates relationships and processes with the aim to expand on art practice, research and archiving.

    The wide spectrum of possibilities that can emerge within the scope of digital technology has the prospect of becoming creative and artistic reflections. The Foundation focuses on developing this digital landscape by sustaining multidisciplinary artistic practices and securing the traces of the various processes involved in these emerging efforts. Being aware that very often source references, fragile materials and contemplations are ephemeral in nature and a challenge to document. In laying out a temporal forum and in developing a technological infrastructure on the blockchain, the Foundation intends to arrange these experiential deliberations as a shared library.  

    Onemai Foundation proposes to build collaborative working, sharing relationships with individuals and institutions with defined approaches to imagine the future of the ‘commons’.


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    Tamil Typography Project

    Roja Muthiah Research Library in collaboration with Onemai Foundation launches a 'Type makers', a platform to produce and celebrate Tamil typefaces. The exclusive team with the support of experts around the world in the field of typography will explore areas in font making that will incorporate Tamil ethos and writing procedures.The focus will be on scientifically developing fonts/typefaces in the fields of type, typography or lettering art setting gold standards for Tamil fontography. The type makers lab will explore fonts from our archives - print (magazine covers and books); legacy handwriting fonts (handwritten journals and correspondences) and explore new and fresh fonts. These fonts will be made available to the public under Creative Commons.



    The Portkey team consists of artists, technologists, strategists, and other committed individuals who all embody Portkey’s endeavors to realize their common vision.

    Vignesh Sundaresan aka Metakovan
    Chief Executive Officer

    Pranav Mukeshkumar
    Chief Operating Officer
    Vignesh Meenakshi
    Chief Technology Officer

    Serene Liew Pei Yi
    Accounting & Tax Manager

    Apoorva Lakshman Rao
    Finance Manager

    Narendrakumar K
    Artist & Art Consultant
    Krishnapriya CP
    Artist & Art Consultant
    Vivishna R
    Communications Coordinator


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