Research & Development

By researching and identifying potential art projects, we further support in developing and designing the art ‘commission’. We help identify stakeholders and bring experts together to initiate artistic exploration. Here we work closely with the invited team of artists, technologists, field experts, researchers and technicians by fostering a conducive environment to build and nurture artistic relationships.


We plan and build an inventory of required resources to facilitate the process of acquiring source materials and map out the project’s design. Identifying infrastructural needs and developing other required interfaces for the exploratory engagement of the artistic production.


Our processes more often include physical and digital activations as exhibitions and events mobilizing and tapping into our wide network of expertise in specific event requirements. Our expertise rests with planning, design, coordination, operations, social engagements and dissemination with focus on knowledge production within the exhibitions. And additionally through conferences, symposiums and project specific interactions.


    We believe in developing innovative archival methods. By collecting, collating, categorizing and classifying both physical and digitally sourced materials, digital art and physical art objects. From ideation to manifestation, we underscore the importance of recording discourses around an emerging project.  


    Actively documenting every step of the project process we compile the layered discourses that any given artistic process generates. We do this by using different devices for different requirements. Some of these devices are text, image, sound, moving images, as digital and physical registers.


    Our approach places emphasis on tracing and authenticating the provenance of the digital art works. We do this by validating the documentation, shared decision making, significant relationships and mutual agreements. These together make up the networks within an exploratory engagement. Portkey takes this on as a design challenge, taking into account the evolving faculty of the stakeholders, the given jurisdictions and relationships.

    Art Production Consultation

    With our extensive and extended approach to our projects, we have developed a complex knowledge system, particularly in the case of art with technological facets. We extend this knowledge as a service. We see every opportunity as one that can facilitate learning and reflection.